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Training Forefield is a leader in advisor education and training. Our company was founded with the focus on helping brokers and insurance agents learn how to be comprehensive financial planners and offer wealth management services.


Today we offer Forefield Advisor and Forefield CE, two leading solutions for advisor education and training. Forefield Advisor provides advisors with a library of nearly 2,000 educational resources covering the full gamut of wealth management topics. Instead of searching with Google and finding old, out-of-date, and potentially suspect materials, advisors can reliably search Forefield and find up-to-date educational materials.


But we don’t just wait for advisors to log in to Advisor to do research. We recognize that many advisors who have been in the business don’t need training per se but need to stay current. To that end, we provide Advisor Alerts both on our website and by e-mail to proactively keep you up to date with the latest developments and numbers. When an alert is meaningful for you, you can simply log in and learn more.


With our comprehensive breadth and depth of advisor educational materials, we built a complementary continuing education (CE) service for CFP® professionals, CLU®s, ChFC®s, and CLF®s. We offer more than 70 credit hours currently and continually add new CE tests. Passing results are filed electronically with the CFP® Board.

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