Forefield Composer
Composer is an e-mail solution that allows financial advisors to create, host, and distribute their own content using Forefield’s e-mail and Web platform. Composer allows advisors to leverage the same industry leading e-mail marketing platform used by other Forefield services. Advisor-generated communications, such as invitations, electronic greeting cards, and articles, can be created with a full range of text formatting controls and associated with one or more images from a personal image library.


When you are ready to distribute your communication by e-mail, you can directly access your saved contacts and groups already in use on the Forefield platform. Each selected contact will receive an e-mail communication from you via Forefield’s high reputation e-mail servers, with full SPF and DKIM authentication. A spam check is also run to ensure maximum inbox deliverability. Advisors can choose to optionally track each e-mail for opens and clickthroughs in order to gain insight into readership patterns among clients and prospects. Every e-mail campaign that is distributed sends a copy of the content and the distribution list back to the advisor, also identifying any intended recipients who did not receive the e-mail due to opt-out or bounce issues.



Composer includes e-cards for the following types of events:

·  Major holidays

·  Birthdays

·  Anniversaries

·  Christian and Jewish observances

·  Financial holidays

·  Event invitations

·  Keeping in touch


E-cards are supported within Forefield’s innovative set and forget e-mail engine, allowing advisors to set up automated programs that help them stay in touch and maintain strong client relationships.


The combination of Composer with Forefield’s other innovative content-based solutions offers you a comprehensive e-mail platform that allows continuous communication with your clients and prospects.

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